Thursday, 9 August 2007

My Pickle Promise

Pickles aren't just adorable & yummy & crunchy goodness. Oh no, they are much more than that. They have a culinary history beginning back 1000's of years ago in Mesopotamia when pickling became the mainstay of food preservation. Shakespeare wrote '"How cam'st thou in this pickle?" and "I have been in such a pickle…" in the Tempest. Americans consume 2.5 billion pounds of pickles per year (they prefer warts and Europeans do not). The Pickle business should not be dismissed. Families buy pickles every 53 days. Pickles are fat free and low in calories. An average-size dill contains only 15 calories and an ounce of pickled peppers provides only 7 calories. Cleopatra attributed her good looks to a hearty diet of pickles. Strubs is a legendary kosher pickle company. Based in Ontario, they have many delicious recipes on their website. Deep Fried Dill Pickles are now the hottest trend in pickle feasting. For me, the best pickle is a chilled garlic dill mounded on top of a grilled sirloin burger with some sweet gerkins on the side. Now I know that while I enjoy the good ol' fashioned Canadian beef BBQ burger, I will be improving my looks. I promised a pickle post. You got it. Can I eat this burger now? Crunch.

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