Monday, 9 July 2007


I actually like the colour yellow, however, some friends of mine commented that I rarely paint with yellow (and come to think of it I don't) but when it comes to photography - I do! Weird ay?
(that's a Canadian thing to say - ay?) Thanks to Hula Seventy for having a 'Colour Week'. Now all my friends in the U.S. are saying 'huh?'. xo

monday: yellows
tuesday: blues/turquoises
wednesday: greens
thursday: whites/browns/blacks
friday: oranges
saturday: reds
sunday: pinks


Joy Madison said...

Love it:) Love that car!!!

I played too:

andrea said...

yes! these are great. I'm with joy-- I love that car.

guess I should clarify and say that it's not exactly an all-yellow week-- there's a different color designated for each day. although, now that you mention it... sounds like a brilliant idea! I could easily spend an entire week on each color! :)


Yup! I goofed up by saying yellow week - but I've fixed the post! This is so cool. Thanks Andrea!