Thursday, 26 July 2007

Freaky Deaky Elvi and Drive By Shootings

The entire area is 'hound dogging' and ready for the big Collingwood Elvis Festival. You just have to imagine how weird it is to experience this event. The Town of Collingwood has about 15,000 people - they have sold 200,000 tickets to this 4 day event! People travel from all over the world to see Elvis impersonators and shop in the Elvis market, drink gallons of beer, shop in the stores that are Elvinated. It is surreal! I'm going there today. (it's only 10 minutes from the beach and even we 'Beachers' get involved with Elvis concerts.....we don't want to feel left out)

When you see a bunch of Elvis impersonators (young Elvis, army Elvis, fat Elvis, handsome Elvis) we call that 'The Elvi'.

I went to Collingwood yesterday, just to check out the progress - a giant stage - a huge one in the middle of the main street (which gets closed off) - event planners buzzing around - and lots of new faces landing in town.

I've started a new series of what I feel are interesting 'Drive By Shootings' - photographs I snap while I'm driving (yes, I'm safe) - I stumbled across this little new project because you can't find any parking this time of year, but I don't want to miss any shots. So this is the first shot of a series. More to come over the next few days. (It's also part of my Blacks/Browns/Whites Thursday a shinyhappysummerprojecttime from Hula Seventy)

I am saddened by all the gun crime here in North America and I just wish these people would use cameras instead of bullets, don't you?

Hey! Perhaps, just maybe we could all do a collective project to raise awareness of this issue.

Calling All Bloggers: Let's share some 'Drive by Shooting'. Give it a try - just hold the camera out the window of your car or while you're riding your bike and click - you will be so surprised to see what gems you come home with! (Caution! Please drive/ride safely - keep your eyes on the road and never mind what the camera is doing - it makes the discovery of your creation even more fun!)

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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

The Elvis event sounds like a hoot!
And I have a couple of Drive By's on my blog........I should do that more often. Thanks for the reminder!