Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Rows of Indigo

Everyone has their own favorite ones. As I browsed through the second-hand shop, my thoughts went to all the pairs of jeans. Each pair was a 'favorite' of someone, somewhere. Blue threads hanging in a sea of treasured cotton. Ready to become someone else's favorite.

Perhaps I will continue to photograph these rows of indigo and create a massive wall display in a retail outlet or gallery. Wouldn't it be something to host an entire arts and crafts event based solely on jeans. Everything would have to be on the subject of jeans or made from jeans or reconstructed clothing and accessories made of denim?

Of course the tickets & poster would have to be silk-screened onto squares of cut-up jeans and all attendees would not be allowed in unless they were wearing jeans.

I wonder what 'Levi' would think of my idea? (It could become a yearly festival)

I think I'll do that someday soon. Until then, I'll document the lonely pairs who hang, patiently waiting for a new home.

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