Wednesday, 27 June 2007

All Things Orange

Actually, this is a grapefruit (behind bars) ready for the darling Baltimore Orioles to pick away at it. I was visiting Decor 8 and noticed all the orange inspired interiors (see her flickr page here) and then over at Paris Apartment (no pun intended....stay with me for just a moment) I saw her post about Paris Hilton.

Orange is going to be huge for the next year. Not only is it trending white hot in fashion, but in gift & tableware, to cars to design. Coupled with this, Paris Hilton had to wear an orange jailbird suit during her stay and now I predict orange will be stronger than ever. Here is another lovely blog How About Orange.

Now the lonely grapefruit here is also part of the trend. All things citrus will emerge. Lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit (yellow and pink) and of course, orange. Orange overalls will sell like hotcakes. Which designer will make all the money on this one?

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The Paris Apartment said...

Personally I love orange, it's just really hard to wear! Thanks for the visit. love your site.