Friday, 29 February 2008


There is no better place to kill time than All Things Bright and Beautiful. Her blog is out of control. I am overdosing with delight.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Floral Designer & Frostnip

I'm baaacckkk! Hello Blogging Friends. I'm back from the big T.O.. I had a wonderful time 'hamping' in a heavenly bed. I highly recommend one. Before I went to my conference I took a little detour and spent a wonderful few days with my family. My cousin is a Floral Designer. Her company's name is Oceana Whispers. Isn't that lovely? Her home is filled with all the usual suspect things for flower people: (her secret supplier for) containers of all materials and sizes, snippers, wires, pussy willows, buckets of fresh fragrant flowers - delivered directly from the airport which is minutes away - flowers imported from around the world - baskets and dainty printed insert cards, books and tulips gently placed on books and books and books, glass beads and sea glass. Oasis and moss. Gold thread. Silver and pearl wire trimmings. The house was filled will glorious floral scents. Pretty and the perfect medicine for this Canadian girl whose precious blooms are fading with the agony of our -27 degree winter weather. A sight for sore eyes. Inspiring and comforting. Flowers filled the gracious home and air with pretties and the bashfuls. It's good to be home. Talk to you all in the morning....

Monday, 25 February 2008

Hello. Anybody Out There?

There must be a silver lining to the blogging girl's woes.

Yael Naim 'New Soul' Exactly Like This

If someone asked me to pick a music video that epitomizes blogging, specifically design bloggers, this would be the one. You start out all alone, in your own little space; sending your heart out to the universe via some strange cable or airwave. You start collecting friends and fall in like with them. You begin to love these people enough to hang portraits of them on your studio/office wall. You talk about them to others as if they are part of your real family and in your mind, they are. They are still so very far away even though they feel so very close. Before you know it, the blogosphere opens up and you send your hearts out together to form an amazing orchestra of creativity. It's no coincidence that this song is the theme for a new blogger tool. Yes. This would be the video. Exactly like this. I get choked up watching it. Thank you blogging family.

Can you relate to this quote?: “It’s a dream I almost gave up on along the way”-Yael Naim

Do I Have To Go To Work Today?

Or can I just stay home and play Sunglass Superstore with Paige? And visit blogs. And drink coffee. And watch these comments as they heat up. I took this self-portrait with my baby toe. I am super talented aren't I ? My god.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Pussy Ranch: Blogger By Day, Stripper By Night

So yes, we are all on the right track. Especially if you've ever been a stripper before becoming a blogger. And now, start writing an original screenplay. That's what silly girls do to get their hands on that 8.5 lb. statue. Diablo Cody, on her back again, is the winner of the Original Screenplay category at the Oscar's tonight for Juno. Ellen Page, cute-as-a-button-Canadian, perched beside her. Because Ellen looks so darn young, Diablo has promised to write a part for her as a 45 year old chainsmoker. The short version bio of Ms. Cody is: Born in 78, Student with degree in Media Studies, Radio DJ, Secretary, Proofreader, Copy-typist...and then decided she'd rather be naked....on to...Stripper, Peep Show Circuit, Blogger-The Pussy Ranch, Author-Candy Girl, Screenwriter-Juno. Academy Award Winner 2008. Sought after, courted, chased by all the big guns in Hollywood. See...being a stripper and blogger ain't so bad. You might even end up being part of David Letterman's book club. Ready to taste that kind of success yourself? Follow Cody's "Five Easy Steps to Blogging Your Way to Hollywood Success." It's a foolproof system, really.

Yet another example of my Liberty Theory of Success.
Love Ya Diablo. You 'ol 'Blogger by Day, Stripper by Night' you. Congratulations Stinkeye.

I'm going to bed now, chuckling, as I am No. 1 on the Google Blog Search. Didn't plan that but it's cool. By the time you check this I'll probably be No. 81,009.

For the record: I had a very subdued Oscar Night this year. I didn't swing on any chandeliers and I wasn't dressed up in fake diamonds or a sparkly Goodwill gown. Nope. I just lay on my bed, sipped Tim Horton coffee with triple milk and slurped Chapman's Vanilla ice cream with maple syrup. It was lovely. Best Dressed: Nicole Kidman-did you get a load of that to-die-for necklace? And, Heidi Klum in that killer red dress. Best Dressed Man: Clooney of course.

Patricia, Notice the colour in the photo that caught my eye when I selected it. Wonders never cease. Thank You for the Great Photo: Peter Redman

Leadership Boot Camp & A Feisty Comment

Well it was bound to happen. When you talk politics, they come out swinging. (read comment #10 and the one from cranky anon) Back to that in a minute, but first: Got my sexy intimates (girdle) packed, comfy flats, silk scarf and office chair. I'm off to bootcamp for a week in Toronto. I'm going to be fine-tuning my leadership skills. So, while I'm away, enjoy this set of Frank Horvat photographs. Frank Horvat was born in 1928 in what was then Italy and is now Croatia. He studied art in Milan and a meeting in 1951 with Henri Cartier-Bresson decided his fate as a photojournalist. He traveled the world in the early 50s and sent his work back to Paris Match, Life and Realities among other magazines. In 1956 he settled in Paris and began to photograph fashion with a reportage style: real life situations, ambient lighting and 35mm cameras. During his long career, Frank Horvat has contributed to every major magazine and his work has been exhibited in Paris, London, Prague, Berlin and New York. Now, when I get back hopefully I will be a better 'Leader'; feisty (full of animation, energy, or courage; spirited; spunky; plucky: The champion is faced with a feisty challenger.) and most certainly I will be dreaming of becoming a better photographer. I'm going to scout while I'm in T.O. - I'm going to be on the lookout for some secretaries (lobbyist) who look like this. (What the hell is that on her head?)One can hope. What are the chances?

While I'm Away: Who blogs in these States? VT TX OH RI
What's your take on all this?
Cote de Texas: What are you thinking? (I've always referred to you as 'feisty')
I hope Made by Girl creates some really cool VOTE cards & posters. Girl Power.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Philadelphia Freedom

If you were to walk into my great room this afternoon, you'd find it a tad disheveled and tossed about. I get in those moods when I just 'must' change things up. Here on the most comfortable chair in the history of chairs; now owned 'with a deed' by the dog, are three things that tug at my heart strings. One, my 12 year old son's blue jeans thrown in a heap. I just love 'boys' clothes. There is something about Sons & Moms. He decided on the Nike pants instead for outdoor ice-skating at a neighbour's home. Two, a beach portrait of my 22 year old daughter when she was little. I can feel the sandy breeze in her hair and the warmth of the setting sun kissing her velvet skin. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Taken at Constance Bay, near Ottawa. Three, my all time favorite photo I've taken. The majestic Swann Memorial Fountain in downtown Philadelphia. The large 'river god' Native American figures symbolize the area's major streams, the Delaware, the Schuylkill, and the Wissahickon. It was a stifling hot day and the fountain pool was full of children, a city tradition (which sadly is now prohibited), but when I got home and developed the film (circa 1997), there was only this young boy peeking his face out of the water. He was about the same age as my son is now. He was obviously dirt poor, living in one of those horrid boxes under the bridge near by; break my heart, and he found some 'freedom' swishing away his worries whilst the tourists clicked away. I cried. I will never forget that moment. Ever.

I plan to scan this photo and do something with it, perhaps even make some posters. You can see it better if you click to enlarge.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Getting Ready For Oscar

No silly. I'm not in L.A.. I'm still hold up (is this the correct spelling of that?...Writer's Strike Syndrome) in snow-white Canada, but I'm getting ready for the big night. I am a sucker for these awards. In the whole scheme of things; the world as it is, yes, it's damn important to me. I can escape all the nonsense and seriousness of everyday CNN life. Speaking of awards, I am blushing now because I received another 2 'You Make My Day Awards' from Hidden in France and Made By Girl. Thank You so much. I'd like to thank my Mom & Dad, the crew, JFK, my kids, my dog, my laptop. (music starts playing - they're cutting me off) All kidding aside, I am so touched and honoured to be recognized by such stellar bloggers. I'm gushing. Oh look! It's Ellen Page. Juno star nominated for Best Actress. She's a little doll. What the heck are they putting in the drinking water in Nova Scotia? (Restyled Home, can you text me on this...) Oops, this is a live show. Back to the post: I love watching the red carpet interviews and seeing all the expressions of winners and losers. (they're not really losers, how cruel of me.) Anyway, a few years ago me and some crazy girlfriends decided we'd have an Oscar night. We all got dressed up in gowns, sipped champagne, lounged beside skirted tables and did photo shoots. I think we might even have swung on some chandeliers. Perhaps. We also enlarged faces of all the nominees and glued them onto Popsicle sticks and pinned them to the backs of chairs. We were 'really' sitting with the Hollywood 'in' crowd that night. It was the best Academy Awards night of my life. Someday, I will be there. Don't know why yet, but I've got a storyboard started. I will have my people call your people to find out what you do. And please do not give out my cell phone number. That's what my publicist is for.

Photograph: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Thursday, 21 February 2008

"You Make My Day Award" (Better Than The Oscar's)

Well, maybe that's a stretch. An Oscar would be nice. Here's my good news: I have just received the sweetest award from the oh-so-darling-Florida-based-design-blogger, Topsy Turvy! She gave me this amazing award and wrote:

'Liberty Post, Just because she's cool. "Girl power" rules!'

I am gobsmacked! (That's not a cool word, but hey, I'm excited). Thank You TT!!! Here's a big Canadian bear hug for you!

Now, this is like the Oscar's...I have to say a speech in front of all of you, my peers and select 5 blogs who 'Make My Day'. Wish I could pick every single one of you. You 'all' make my day. If you look to the right, you will see my 'Blog Tour'...and yes..I visit every one, A-Z, every day.
The Rules:
1. Write a post with the links to 5 blogs that "make your day".
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners they won by commenting on their blogs.

Here goes: (Oh the agony of it all. I hate choosing.) In alphabetical order no less...

1. A Cup of Jo: Because she's the cheekiest, thought-provoking NYC Magazine Editor. And she's got a great eye.
2. Hidden In France: Every day I find visual treasures and inspirational treats! Amour.
3. Made By Girl: Because Jennifer Ramos is our Vegas blogpal who is like a gorgeous rock star. And that's cool.
4. My Marrakesh: Who doesn't adore this blogger? Maryam must be the world's 'most loved' and you all know why!
5. Restyled Home: Linda my Canadian design-soul-sista. Smart. Caring. Creative. Fun. So Talented.

Please know I have a crush on many, many more blogs. Wish the list could be up to 100!
P.S. I did not take this photo, although many people think we Canadians live in igloos. Sorry, I could not find a photo credit, so if there are any Eskimo photographers out there....

Toller Cranston & Strawberry Ice

Toller Cranston, born in Hamilton, Canada, is widely acclaimed as the most influential figure skater of this century. His birthday falls between the astrological sign of the sportsman (Aries) and the artist (Taurus). He is, perhaps as a consequence, a modern-day Renaissance man. A lifetime of remarkable achievements make this artist extraordinary: Olympic medallist; Member of the Order of Canada; three-time world free-skating champion; Canadian Athlete of the Year; internationally-known painter, illustrator, author, designer, choreographer, commentator and star of award-winning television specials and films. These credits are merely the tip of the creative iceberg. As an artist, Mr. Cranston is highly respected by his peers and has exhibited in prestigious galleries around the world. These hand-painted ostrich eggs are available for sale here. Toller now lives in San Miguel Mexico. Drop by his gallery when you visit this artist's colony. You must watch this short doc about him. You will love the Strawberry Ice portion. Sit back and enjoy the show. A true original.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

I Want To Run Away & Join The Circus

Size 7 1/2 please. These would be perfect for my getaway. The Circus? Oh, it's just a metaphor really after feasting my eyes on this uber-talented designer. I discovered Charlotte Liddle on the fabulous & inspiring blog, Hidden in France. I want to run away, leave my whole world behind and sign up for Textile Arts in a foreign land. Spend my day loving the fibres and threads; letting my creative spirit soar. It's times like this when you realize, Yes! - there is lots of time to do it all. Right?

Luly Yang & The Theatre of Fashion

I had Breakfast at Anthropologie and look what I discovered: Behold, the Luly Yang Monarch Butterfly silk taffeta corset and ball skirt, trimmed with ostrich feathers and Swarovski crystals; $25,000. With a background in graphic design and branding, Luly knows the power of theatre and display. When fantasy blurs the line into reality - the art of couture living; that's a winning combination. More exciting products to come: LulyLife, home accessories. Butterflies are everywhere. Flutter.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Workhorse vs. The Showhorse

No, I don't have a say or a vote, but I believe with every inch of my being that if you are going to vote Democrat, then this 'workhorse' is your candidate. 35 years of helping your Nation. 35 years of rolling up her sleeves at her desk; into the early morning hours. Strong. Confident. Human. Intelligent. Experienced. Caring. Authentic. Focused.

Here's another thing I believe. If Obama wins, McCain will be your next President. If Hillary wins, you will have a Democrat. (I'm a little nauseated listening to McCain speak as though he is already the new President...and to think the Bush Boys are endorsing him! Oh my. More trouble ahead.)

She is 'Living History' and Hillary Rodham Clinton can be the first woman President of the United States. When will another woman have a shot? (yes, I know girl/boy, black/white is irrelevant.) Girls Unite.

Monday, 18 February 2008

My Morgue, My Studio Binders

I have always maintained a creative morgue in my studio. I tear pages out of magazines; only the ones that truly get to me, tug at my heart, inspire me, remind me, catch my breath beautiful - all the things great images should do. I fill my binders (these are just my top 5 fav's) and I look through them often. One image can give me hundreds of clues, ideas and creative juice to work on a project. Do you have an inspiration book?

Water, Water, Everywhere?

I am often asked how I come up with ideas for my photographs. Most of my work is a result of being inspired and/or driven by things I see, read or learn about. My mind then takes over and I begin to conceptualize those thoughts percolating in my head. This morning I spent some time on Leonardo Dicaprio's Eco-Site and these water photos were born. I now pose the question to you: Water, water everywhere? The answer may shock you. No, it will shock you.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Pretty Designs On Dollar Store Finds

Faux rhinestone bobby's and a lovely illustrated playing card. I just think these would be so sexy; oversized, framed and adorned on a dressing room wall. Cheeky. Strong. Girly. Glittery.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Behind-the-Scenes at Vanity Fair

These screen sirens bring thoughts of porcelain, salt water taffy dreams within an english garden; beyond ivory french doors of a glamorous Hollywood mansion. Welcome to 1930's. You can go there. You can take a lovely trip inside the Annie Leibovitz's cover shoot; exclusive footage and a slide show of 14 cover shot images she has created for the magazine. The dresses are all from John Galliano for Dior in pastel luxury. I want a room to look like this. Do you?

In contrast watch the cinimatic magic of Alfred Hitchcock and the footage from the feature shoot. In the March issue, V.F. captures the suspense in a montage of classic Hitchcock moments, featuring Scarlett Johansson, Javier Bardem, Seth Rogen, and other top stars. In this exclusive video, Hollywood’s hottest actors get Hitchcockian for photographers Julian Broad, Norman Jean Roy, Mark Seliger, and Art Streiber.